Handmade Silver Charm Necklaces

We specialise in charm necklaces which allow you to design your own unique piece. Here is a selection and below you will find examples of beautiful necklaces we have made for our lovely customers in the past.  We encourge you to mix and match... Enjoy.



❤️ Our exquisite love & strength charm necklace. An absolutely beautiful, unique piece hand crafted in solid silver. Featuring two hand carved mini discs (that you could have initialled), our hand carved tusk and our 20mm diameter LOVE disc. Strung on a heavy 16” or 18” curb chain. £145.

❤️ Unique to Stella & Stokes our wonderfully tactile love charm strung on a heavy 16” or 18” curb chain. Full of character and cast in solid silver. £95

❤️ Perfectly understated hand carved mini discs. We can initial these or you could choose a heart or star. It’s £45 for the 18” curb chain with two discs and £20 for each extra one. 

❤️ To see our angel wing is to love it.  Hand carved then cast in solid silver this is a beautiful piece filled with character and texture. A client recently told me she often takes her necklace off so she can just look at it and touch it. And that’s all you need to know folks - that’s how special this piece is. 18” chain £105. (The wing is 4cms long)

❤️ Beautifully textured angel wing and heart lovingly hand carved then cast in solid silver. The wing is approx 4cms in height, the heart is 1.5cms high.  Both charms have a subtle curve on them making them irresistibly tactile. I am so pleased with these pieces - they are satisfyingly heavy and simply fantastic! 16” or 18” curb chain. £130

❤️ Two of our beautiful wings facing one another. There is so much symbolism in this piece. Strung on our heavy curb chain and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. 16” or 18” chain. Absolutely glorious. £175

❤️ Our brand new pebble charm has been cast from a real pebble I found on Elie Beach in Fife on the East Coast of Scotland. After literally years of searching for one the perfect size, texture and shape I think I’ve nailed it.  It’s wonderfully tactile and smooth enough to be initialled if you’d like to personalise it. Seen here with our charming mini heart stamped disc.  A perfect gift for someone who loves to be beside the sea... it’s v calming to touch. 18” curb chain £85

❤️ Our brand new pebble charm has been cast from a real pebble I found on Elie Beach in Fife on the East Coast of Scotland. After years of searching for the perfect size, texture and shape I think I’ve nailed it.  It’s wonderfully tactile and smooth enough to be initialled if you’d like to personalise it. Seen here with a couple of our hand carved mini discs and our iconic tusk. This 18” heavy curb chain necklace is £135

❤️ Our beautiful and unique sand cast heart. Made using traditional methods it has a truly lovely organic shape. For those who love pieces that are clearly made by hand. Nice and chunky too. 18” curb chain, £60

❤️ And here is our new dappled arrowhead heart. Another hand carved solid silver piece. It is about 28mm high with a slight curve to give it character. Strung on an 18” curb chain £60

❤️ The anchor charm is a thing of beauty. Cast from the imprint of a traditional wax stamp it is filled with character.  Satisfyingly heavy with the feel of a smooth pebble. Paired here with our mini hand carved heart stamped disc. Together they represent hope and love. 16” or 18” curb chain. The anchor is approx 18mm in diameter. £90

❤️ Our wonderful chunky sand cast heart with a mini heart stamped pebble strung on a 16” or 18” slinky snake chain.  The heart is about 15mm high and 12mm wide. Completely handmade with a really lovely organic feel. £70 

❤️ Our beautiful new solid silver hand carved dappled heart, our amazing 4cm long hand carved tusk and initialled mini discs to personalise your necklace. This completely handmade beauty represents love and strength. Seen here on a slightly thicker curb chain which gives the necklace perfect balance. I love this piece, this particular necklace is my one and  I wear it every day. 16” or 18” chain. £135 for necklace with one initial disc, each additional disc is £20. 

❤️ My love of charm necklaces is well documented and this really is my ultimate piece. Our simply stunning new dappled arrowhead heart to represent love, our hand carved tusk for strength, our anchor for hope and star ball for luck.  All handmade then strung on our heavier curb chain. An heirloom necklace to wear everyday. 16” or 18” chain. £160

❤️ Our wonderfully heavy hand carved solid silver disc.  It has a star motif on one side and a heart on the other. We love it’s simplicity and it is perfect on this long 28” chain. The disc is 20mm in diameter. £95

❤️ Chunky belcher chain with our beautiful hand carved large solid silver disc and mini hand carved heart disc. Finished with a front fastening heavy caribiner catch. Perfect in its simplicity.  (Discs can be stamped with an initial, heart or star motif). 16” or 18” chain. £155.  Matching bracelet available.

❤️ Our favourite thing here at S&S is a charm necklace. They represent so many thing - each one personal to it's owner. This one for strength and love. £125


❤️ Another wonderful charm combination here - our carved heart, limited edition traditional florin coin, our tusk and our dappled heart tablet. 20” chain £155.

❤️Our beautiful hand carved, chunky, solid silver hearts are an eternal favourite.  One for each of my boys to remind me how much I love them.  A necklace like this one on an 18” ball chain with the front fastening clasp is £115.

Solid silver large moonscape nugget charm with our dinky heart pebble.  This necklace has a lovely weight to it and is great for everyday wear - it goes with everything. Nugget is approx 14mm in diameter. 18” trace chain. £65.

❤️ Gorgeous organic shapes here... large fresh water coin shaped pearls with solid silver moonscape nuggets. A classic combination that always looks fantastic.  16" or 18" trace chain. £50 (pearls are around 15mm in diameter)

❤️ A very unusual and striking chain - uneven silver tubes strung on a silver curb chain with one of our organic smooth pebbles at the chunky carabiner clasp.  Each necklace is unique due to the reticulation process used to make the 16” or 18”chain. All pebbles are also one offs... It’s £155.


❤️ A classic charm necklace.  This one is my personal one dedicated to my two boys. With an 18" curb chain, mini disc, two long tags and our very own puffed solid silver dappled heart.  A wonderful gift for any mum to treasure.£90

❤️ This beautiful completely handmade hammered silver chain is a full metre long.  It has a clever catch so you can wear it long, wrap it round your neck twice or even wrap it round your wrist. Our beautiful hand carved solid silver dappled heart at the end weighs it downs nicely too. It’s £165 and worth every penny.

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