Handmade Silver Earrings

⭐️ We love these wafer thin big textured silver hearts.  Maximum impact but light as a feather so they won't drag your ears down (I HATE that!) £45.

❤️ Elegant long drops with dangly star embossed silver nuggets. £40

⭐️ Dappled and chunky handmade silver hoops. Yeh, perfect. About the size of a 5p. £40 

⭐️ Hand carved chunky solid silver heart drops. Hearts are about 15mm high £50.

⭐️ These are charming. Hand cast embossed heart solid silver nugget drop earrings. Simple and perfect. £40

⭐️ Beautiful understated hand carved solid silver discs with our heart stamp.  Perfect for every day wear £40

⭐️ Our understated hand carved solid silver mini discs with heart stamp and handmade ear wires. £40

⭐️ Perfect little solid silver textured heart studs.  £40

❤️ Hammered silver hoop studs with puffed solid silver stars dangling in the most delightful way. Hoops are approx 15mm diameter. £40

❤️ Big dangly hammered silver hoops with our love & heart discs dangling. £40

❤️ Lovely chunky hammered 20mm diameter hoops with our absolutely brilliant hand carved solid silver hearts. The best thing about these earrings is that you can slide the hearts off so you essentially get two pairs of earrings for the price of one. You are most welcome. £65

❤️ Let’s not make a fuss here - these lovely delicate dangly hoops are perfect for every single occasion. And that is a FACT. £35

⭐️ These tear drops are a nice wee change from the norm and look fantastic on. Sweet and delicate but at 4cms high they have plenty of impact. £30

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