Handmade Silver Bangles

⭐️ This is a great present.  Our ever popular 6mm high, satisfyingly heavy, thick silver bangle on to which you can have loved ones names, special date etc engraved... £105. 


⭐️ And here is the baby of the family.  Our 3mm high skinny stacking bangle. Looks fantastic on it's own and even better with some charm bangles thrown in to the equation. Tiny 1mm high letters. So cute! £65

⭐️ This is our absolutely adorable Full of Love chunky solid silver heart.  This beautiful and unique charm is made using a traditional sand casting method which gives it an extremely pleasing organic feel.  It’s taken many attempts to perfect and I’m delighted with the result.  Seen here on a simple skinny bangle it makes a perfect and thoughtful gift that could not be further from the production line high street imitations. £65.

⭐️ These are our charming solid silver balls.  Choose an embossed star or heart (or both...) Lovingly handmade. £50 per bangle with one charm, £75 for two charms.

⭐️ Our perfectly formed mini disc can have an initial or a heart or a star stamped on it. Hand carved and extremely tactile. £50 for the bangle with one disc. £75 with two. 

⭐️ Stacking bangle heaven right here. Our precious full of love heart, our embossed heart ball and embossed star ball. They compliment each other perfectly. £150 for all three bangles.

⭐️ Decided to really go for it? All five of these together look amazing. £245 for the set. 

⭐️ Heavy silver bracelet with our gorgeous hand carved solid silver disc and baby solid silver carved heart.  Lavishly finished off with a chunky carabiner catch.  No corners have been cut here folks, this bracelet is perfect £125. (Disc is 20mm in diameter)

⭐️ Our beautiful solid silver anchor charm lends itself perfectly to a bangle... to represent hope or to give as a gift to someone who has been an anchor for you. It’s totally unique and wonderfully tactile to touch. Love this. The charm is 19mm in diameter. £70

⭐️ Our solid silver anchor charm with a mini carved silver heart on our heavy bracelet with its chunky clasp.  It’s all about attention to detail at Stella & Stokes and this bracelet is no exception. Tactile and satisfyingly heavy it represents hope & love. £95

⭐️ Want it personalised? No problem. Add initial discs to your charm bracelet.  Seen here with our medium carved heart. This one is £95

⭐️ Our beautiful new pebble charm is cast in solid silver from a mould we made of a real pebble we spent years hunting for on Elie Beach in Fife, Scotland. Seen here with our mini disc. Either or both can be initialled if you wish. A really lovely bracelet with a good weight, it’s £100

⭐️ Five heavily hammered bangles which are cleverly linked together then piled up and kept in check by our beautiful big free running silver heart.  The stack gives an effect of organised chaos on your wrist. LOVE £135

⭐️ Our take on the classic charm bracelet.  Completely handmade, each solid silver charm has been carefully considered so that the bracelet has just the right balance. It’s taken many years to perfect it but we think we have nailed it... feel free to choose different charms from our collection to create your own unique piece.  £195

⭐️ The friendship bracelet.  Heavy silver curb chain, a chunky silver carabiner clasp and our hand cast emobossed heart solid silver ball. It is perfect in its simplicity. £60

⭐️ Our friendship bracelet made with heavy silver curb chain, a chunky silver carabiner clasp and our beautiful solid silver pebble which has been cast from a real pebble we found on stunning Elie Beach in Fife on the East Coast of Scotland. A wonderfully tactile piece to bring the oceans tranquility to you wherever you are. £70

⭐️ Our wonderful Elie Beach pebble (see description above) on a handmade heavy dappled silver bangle. So beautiful. The pebble is 15mm by 18mm and cast in solid silver.£90

⭐️ A glorious piece of jewellery and my all time favourite.... our chunky charm bracelet with its huge bolt ring clasp and individually hand cast solid silver nuggets.  An investment piece to love forever. You are most definitely worth this one - it’s a delight to wear. £235

⭐️ Our magnificent hand carved angel wing charm bracelet.  Not for the faint hearted, this little beauty boasts our unique hand carved solid silver textured wing.  The wing is 4cms high and satisfyingly heavy so it’s a real statement piece.  Looks fantastic alone or with other charms added.  The choice is yours. £125

⭐️ Our perfect angel wing and heart heavy hammered bangle. Simply stunning. £125

⭐️A heavy 20mm silver disc with the inscription of your choice with a solid silver hand cast heart nugget to keep it company.  This one makes a brilliant pressie! £75

⭐️ A really delightfully simple hammered silver bangle with a free running heart.  Sorted.  £60

⭐️ Our 3mm thick brushed silver teardrop bangle.  Love this, so simple yet so striking. It is £70 on its own or £110 with the free running 9ct gold hammered ring as seen here.

⭐️ This heavy avocado shaped dappled silver bangle snuggles around your lower wrist beautifully. A nice wee subtle change from the norm. £70

⭐️ Two hammered flat bangles linked with a biggish hammered silver jump ring.  One of the bangles is slightly manipulated so it sits at an angle to the other one on your wrist. £100

⭐️ This is very simple and endlessly wearable.  A heavy 3mm hammered bangle with a lovely 15mm silver disc that you can have personalised.  Love it.  £75

⭐️ This is really simple but it works so well.  A heavy hammered silver bangle with two of hand cast solid silver nuggets. Beautiful! £75

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