Handmade Silver Bangles


This is a great present.  A 5mm high, satisfyingly heavy, thick silver bangle on to which you can have loved ones names, special date etc engraved... £105. 


Our very, very popular broad bangle.  It is 10mm high and has been hammered to give it a beautiful textured finish.  We do not charge any extra for the writing by the way... We actually quite like adding it on so go to town with names, special dates or quotes. £95. Pictured here with the broad ring to match. 


And here is the baby of the family.  Our 3mm high skinny stacking bangle. Looks fantastic on it's own and even better with some charm bangles thrown in to the equation. Tiny 1mm high letters. So cute! £55

These are simply gorgeous. Handmade silver bangles with our rather charming solid silver heart nuggets. Every heart is carefully hand cast which gives a wonderful organic shape and makes each one unique. £45 for the bangle with a mini heart, £60 for our large heart bangle (pictured on the left of this photo) and £75 for two mini hearts as pictured on the right hand side bangle here ❤️.


Everyone loves a charm bracelet and this one is perfect.  A nicely chunky silver chain with a handmade toggle catch and your choice of three charms. £125


You really can't go wrong with this as a gift. Seriously, what's not to like? The hammered bangle is a decent weight and the personalised tags just nail it.  Job done. £60 with one tag, each extra tag is £20. 


Our classic textured heart on a hammered solid silver bangle. A timeless piece for every day that we will personalise for you at no extra charge. £65.


Our delightful skull bangle.  This little chap is hand cast in solid silver and hung on a lightly hammered 2.5mm silver bangle.  He's a wee pal to bring you luck throughout the day. £70


A heavy 20mm silver disc with the inscription of your choice with a solid silver hand cast heart nugget to keep it company.  This one makes a brilliant pressie! £75

Stacking bangles rock. Ours begin at our understated skinny 2mm thick one all the way up to our satisfyingly heavy 5mm thick one. Have yours dappled, hammered, shiny or satin finish, add charms... they all look amazing. From £25 up to about £110.

A really delightfully simple hammered silver bangle with a free running heart.  Sorted.  £60


Heavy silver chain with this awesome chunky bolt ring catch.  We can't find anything about this bracelet that we don't like.  Looks fab with a few bangles chucked into the equation too.  £170

Heavy chain with wonderfully tactile solid silver hand cast magic beans.  £200


Now this is a special one.  There are eight heavily hammered bangles which are cleverly linked together giving the effect of organised chaos on your wrist.  £200


To see our wonderfully thick dappled avocado shape bangle is to love it. Fact. £110.

I think this may be our best seller.  Two hammered flat bangles linked with a biggish hammered silver jump ring.  One of the bangles is slightly manipulated so it sits at an angle to the other one on your wrist. £100


This is very simple and endlessly wearable.  A heavy 3mm hammered bangle with a lovely textured disc that you can have personalised.  Love it.  £75

This is really simple but it works so well.  A heavy hammered silver bangle with two of hand cast solid silver magic beans. Beautiful! £75

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